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Together we can make a difference

Who We Are

Abjad is an independent non-profit learning initiative aiming to build a brighter future for Syria's children.

"Back to Learning" accomplishments till 01.04.2021
Project Timeline
10 Months 47%
Primary beneficiary 01.04.2021
430 86%
Secondry beneficiary 01.04.2021
1788 86%
Education staff 01.04.2021
29 90%
Learning Center 01.04.2021
5 83%
"Back to Learning" Project Goals

Teaching 500 illiterate children and helping them return to school

Project duration: June 2020 – June 2022
Place of implementation: in 4 refugee camps

primary beneficiary​

secondary beneficiary​

learning Centers

education staff

Our Partners

The collaboration in the educational field and the exchange of expertise are vital factors for success, especially when resources are scarce and displacement is on the rise.

3 steps to combat illiterately

Our Programs

Read: Educational program that focuse on the illiterate children especially in refugee camps where they have extremely limited opportunities to go to school.

Comprehend: Educational program to enable students enroll back in schools and support them with modern and specialized educational methods.

Impact: Program for human development to provide vocational training, decrease trauma symptoms and help students to build their personalities.