Second Step

educational foundations

The program follows the learning process that we started with Iqraa’ program: to build students with the educational foundations required to enroll in schools, and support them with modern and specialized educational methods that increase the student’s cognitive ability to comprehend basic educational subjects through quarterly courses.

program’s goals

  • Build students who have missed school due to war with the educational foundations required to return to school.
  • Help students overcome personal and psychological obstacles and difficulties through a stable school environment.
  • Explain information in a very applied, practical and scientific manner so students can accurately and easily apply their learning in their everyday lives.

The target groups

  • Students 9 – 15 years old
  • Students who previously dropped-out of school
  • Students who are currently enrolled in schools

The educational methods​

1. Accelerated Learning Program

Using intensive and special curricula to develop reading, writing, math and various applied skills

2. Learning Assistant Program

1. Intensive courses in core curriculum subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and science).

2. Language courses (Arabic and English)

3. Computer science introductory courses

3. One-on-one Learning

1. Provide the child with the necessary skills to work with modern means of education, which improves the quality of the educational service provided by the teacher.

2. Facilitate communication between Syrians abroad and students by offering different courses and sharing experiences.